Monday, May 14, 2012

Curate Consciously

C u r a t e  C o n s c i o u s l y

Every consumer is a curator, and your wardrobe is a museum. Some favor abstracts, others modern pieces, while many have blank canvas of whites, and blacks that beg to be accessorized. Purchasing temporary trends with a disposable shelf is a poor investment strategy. I've found an effective way to shop consciously and feel beautiful. 

There are correlations between the colors that inspire you, the fabric that comforts you, scents that invigorate you, and the amount of femininity or masculinity that allow you to feel sexy. 

Become aware of the moments that you feel your best. Look down at what you're wearing. Take note of the colors, the fabric, the fit, and your jewelry. Are you able to pin point one  item that you were glad to have worn? Think about the qualities this item has that you appreciate. This is something I do that enables me to build a collection of pieces that I'm truly excited about. 

Once you become aware of the connection between your feelings and the clothing you wear, shopping becomes focused and rewarding.
 Struggling to keep up with trends that become obsolete on their ride home is nonsense. 

Curate Consciously.

Jill Buxie

On a flight home from Arizona
Dress: Macalistaire at 1850 (vintage)
Link Bracelet: J Crew
Floral Cloisonne Bangle: Macalistaire at 1850 (vintage)
Copper Bangle: Museum Piece
Ring: Deja Vu Antiques and Collectibles
Jcrew Jewelry

Gunpowder and Honey